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Sodium Ligno Sulphonate

We provide the best quality Sodium Ligno Sulphonate that has low dosage and the least air content. We offer sodium Ligno Sulphonate in Powder as well as Liquid form. Sodium Ligno Sulphonate is the best known plasticizer, dark brown in colour.

It is a water reducing agent and hence is extensively used in various concrete mixture applications. Sodium Ligno Sulphonate is significantly used in making vat dye. It is also used as a binder in ceramic industry. It is used in making composite fertilizer, pesticides and carbon black. Sodium Ligno Sulphonate is used extensively in the drilling industry.

This chemical is biodegradable. It retains its uses and properties even if it is crushed, agglomerated or dissolved in water. It does not corrode the steel or metal in its contact.

Sodium Ligno Sulphonate Liquid Distilled Monoglycerides
Sodium Ligno Sulphonate Powder Distilled Monoglycerides



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