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Pulp and Paper Chemicals

Liquid Dyes

Name and Number   Colour Shade
Direct Yellow - 11 pdf  
Direct Yellow - 86 pdf  
Direct Yellow - 99    
Direct Yellow - 142    
Direct Yellow - 147 pdf  
Direct Orange - 15 pdf  
Direct Orange - 34    
Direct Orange -118 pdf  
Direct Red - 80 pdf  
Direct Red - 81 pdf  
Direct Red - 239 pdf  
Direct Red - 254 pdf  
Name and Number   Colour Shade
Direct Blue - 86 pdf  
Direct Blue - 199 pdf  
Direct Blue - 218    
Direct Blue - 290 pdf  
Direct Violet - 9 pdf  
Direct Violet - 35  
Direct Violet - 51 pdf  
Direct Brown RN pdf  
Direct Brown Y  
Direct Brown - BN    
Direct Black - 19    
Direct Black - 168 pdf  

Liquid Pigments

Pigment C.I. No Full Shade Light Shade
Pigment Violet - 3    
Pigment Violet - 23    
Pigment Violet - 27    
Pigment Blue - 15    

Optical Brightening Agents

Tetra Sulpho Oba-Urea Free pdf
Hexa Sulpho Oba-Urea Free pdf
Di Sulpho Oba-Urea Free pdf


Chemicals for Pulp and Paper Induestries

Anthraquinone pdf
Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous 96% Min. Purity pdf
Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 99% Min. Purity pdf
Sodium Sulphite Byproduct 80% Min. Purity pdf
Sodium Hydrosulphite 90%  
Sodium Hydrosulphide  
Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate pdf
Poly Aluminium Chloride  
Aluminium Sulphate Non-Ferric pdf
Native Corn Starch pdf
Cationic Oxidized Starch pdf
Native Tapioca Starch pdf
Cationic Tapioca  Starch pdf
Paper Coating Binder  
Magnesium Oxide  



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